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(+2) omg playing through day 1 and it made me think of this fic :0 as a huge toby and y/b fan this game is literally perfect <33 love alan

I read it,its so good!<3

I adore it i thought it would be just 1 day and a quick 15 minutes but it took me about 40-60 minutes to finish day 1 + 2


This game was so good and Alan is such a sweetheart! I had a really good time playing/reading the game:)


Day 3??



Gnome said they are taking a break for a while before focusing on day 3. be patient

Thank you for the information!


Dude Alan is so sweet, I love him so much!!

He's so cute i love him

will be available in Spanish?

it won't work :[


what exactly isn't working?

when i try to load up the game a message pops up that says " Error: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (see JavaScript console for details) This is a known issue in Safari and Webkit browsers. Please report this issue to Apple" but i have a chromebook??

same here

Try downloading from chrome or Microsoft edge if you aren't already, it might fix it. make sure to uninstall the game that gave you an error before doing so to ensure you don't mix them up or anything.

also sorry for the late reply, hope it works! I'll try to check here more just in case :3

Alan is so cute <3 I can't wait for future updates


i want them to fuck outdoors, I mean "make out under the stars"


i- yes.


also the game is amazing I love it so much <3

do you by any chance have a discord server for the game? I would love to join if you do!

omg so cute c':


I abslutely love this so far! Super excited for any updates but omg Alan has won my heart hes so cute <3

is there going to be more days or no? i need to know

It's a pity it's not available for Android

I really like the game. the fact that there are many choices given here. I hope that in the future there will be many storylines with different endings.  Alan is so cute, I squeaked as soon as I saw him. He was able to hook me at first sight because of his not ordinary look.


this game is pretty good so far, reminds me of YBF

The game was a really nice experience, I liked it a lot.

Hi everyone, i would really appreciate if someone could tell me how to use this. I really wanna play this game but i don't know what to do.

hi!! what do u need help with?

hi thank you for replying i have a pc and i wanna download the game but i don't really know how to and i really wanna play this game.

on the page for the game, you'll see two things you can download under the "download" subheading. download the first one, which has "pc" in the file's name. it's a .zip file so it needs to be extracted (right-click and select "extract"). the game is inside the folder that you extract out of the .zip file. just double-click the .exe file, and it should run the game! please feel free to ask if you need anything clarified or explained clearer!

thank you so much !! i loved the update, keep up the good work

Hey, every time I try to run her game it it end so up with (error extracting .zip.). How can I fix or get around that?

same thing happens to me


I realize this is a demo now haha I was so confused



This game was good, I dont know. Had so many ups and downs. i found it a bit creepy at times. xd




I absolutely adore this game! I can't wait for the next update! I love the plot already and explored the other routes available. I can see the replay-ability present and I absolute love that since it Kind of explains some things that may get missed if only one path is focused on! Great job!

What a Sweet and Mysterious beginning of the game. I am really curious on where the game will go in the future. The biggest question I am sitting on is what is happening with the dream moments. I am really hoping that Alan is not evil; even though I'm having a hard time trusting him, he seems so sweet, if not a bit overprotective and confrontational.

Looking forward to the next days of the game.

I tried to understand the plot point with Erika and the other guy but I kinda don't understand it. Other than that it was a fun read! Great job!

This was a pretty cool novel; though I did feel like I did miss out on some parts of the story, I think it's a great way to get players to try different routes and find out more! And wasn't expecting... The part towards the end, it was quite a surprise but the way it mellowed out into the ending was done well. Nice little game and story!




i love this game sofar alan is so sweet and cute

this game is so good!



I'm super in love with the artstyle! it's very simplistic but each of the characters are uniquely designed.

I especially have a soft spot for Alan (which may be my demise but that's a risk im willing to take)

(also, the part where you say your zodiac is missing two signs so i couldn't say my personal sign: Taurus *sob*)


Great!! I like your game concept.

The best game I played for this month, I can't wait to go through the whole game.


YESSSSSS love it, cannot wait for full game to come out <3

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