Realistically, nothing bad ever happens in the woods, right?
Put all your guards down, and enjoy your time with a friendly stranger, who might have had developed a thing for you!

CONTENT WARNING: This game demo includes themes of sexual and violent content, this game is intended for an 18+ audience!

DISCLAIMER: As of now, we have tried to update and fix the web browser version of the game. Renpy web is very unstable and may not work for all systems. If you would like to play the game, we recommend you download it instead for the fastest and most stable experience.

Updated 14 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(796 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsCreepy, Dating Sim, Romance


Download 107 MB
Download 73 MB

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I need this in spanish pi pi pi 😿😿


I thought Alan was secretly a serial killer and was kinda disappointed when he wasn't.

Крутая игра! Рисовка огонь!

Just played this, the art style is amazing! Keep it up!

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when is the new update?


fourth time playin'

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I'm back here once again ..coz we need more of Alan.. And I can wait forever for him to return 🌝 ✨

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When i try to open the .exe file it does a quick load but nothing appears and im not sure how to fix this, does anyone know a solution?

edit: nvm, i figured it out :D

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what did you do to open it ?

it won't work for me either :(

i had great time playing the game <3



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why this game not released on android?

I really want to play this game on Android, I don't have a Mac/ios and PC 

Pls release this game on android :)

i will wait for him 


nooo... I want moooreee!! pls devs give me more, it's so fckn interesting 


he's so.... babygirl... 


 I hope you like it 


I love him so much I want more <3 <3 <3 <3


made the mistake of showing this to my friend, I forgot he was a simp 😥


Pena que não tem pra android😥


now i'm simp him, he so cuteeeeee!!!!!!!!

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cuuute 10/10


I hesitated getting this game as I typically don't play games with this style, but it was actually pretty good.
The only problem I really have with the game is that there's only one ending.. over-all it was really good!


I need the day 3, i love this visual novel <3


same dude ;-; I love this game so much and Alan is adorable <3 :D <3


Who can't love Alan? he is so cute <3

know other visual novels?

 there are many of this style that I can recommend while we wait for day 3, if you like, of course ^U3U^


I would love that :O <3 :D


this game is the best I can’t stop playing there should be  a day 3


I hope Stu is sum1 we can romance lmao


I heard that the creator is only going to put Alan as a love route, but I'm not sure. I would also like a route with Stu <3


can’t wait for the full game I love him sm <33


Alan is so sweet ^^


awwww this was so sweet (a little weird but sweet)


Love him


The game is really great and Alan is so cute and , sweet, I love everything about his character but the entire game kinda reminds me of a Ticci Toby fanfic I read on ao3. 💀💀


Asking for homowork purposes obv 

copied directly from fanfic author :)

Why thank you have a lovely day 

I had the same thought reading it. im glad it strayed a bit after the shop lifting stuff


god Alan is so fucking sweet...omg I gonna cry even...


first fictional crush


Alan is soooo sweet!!!

Deleted 69 days ago



I can't download day 2 for some reason :^

I can't download day 2 as well. It seems there's no answer to the problem but hopefully they fixed it.


I felt really bad for Alan poor dudette :(

there's no application to run when I download it?


This was quite fun, to be honest, I'd play again. 10/10 would recommend.


Wait, nevermind. It won't allow me to play it.


Why does the art style remind me of "Your Boyfriend"? Like the head shape, eye style, mouth, pretty much everything. Also a similar storyline but not completely. Still, good game, I guess.


yeah i thought that too



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The art is pleasant and I very much enjoy the characters. What I have concerned tho is that the player has no control whatsoever over deciding what the MC feels about Alan. MC's affection for Alan over two days is so fast and unnatural, and the player could do... nothing about it, not even the option to think "Alan is a tad weird" in the game. It's like MC's personality and choices are 100% set and this is a linear game


Yeah, that was my issue with it too. Alongside a few personal grammatical pet peeves of mine, haha, but I could easily brush over that. It was fun at least, but I do agree that how the MC feels about Alan feels set in stone and out of our control.


Yeah, I agree 100%. (Real love interest should be stu)

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