Game is still being developed

I am actually still working on the next day, so don't abandon all hope. My Dear Hatchet Man is still in the works! However, it will take longer as I plan to release and rewrite the game as I wanted to work on the pacing and the story! So, sadly, it will take longer for me to not only add Day 3 but also to improve the other days as well. I am still grateful for the support, as I know I kinda ghosted this page, and I'm deeply sorry for that. I have a Patreon in case you all want bonus content of MDHM but only those who are 18 or Older can view it.

Thank you for your patience


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Gnome, your Patreon isn't working as it's only charging people -0010.87 which should be 10.87. I spoke to both bank and Patreon about this.


I am so glad it is still being worked on \o/


I don´t have Patreon:,) BUT I´m glad see you, I wait for this<3


I'm so happy to hear that! ^^


I'm glad to hear that!