suggestions? feedback?

ok! so first thing's first; I want to thank everyone for the amount of support of this game! Although the demo is quite short, I am currently working on the script for Day 1. In the next update, we will be sure to add pronouns options for the player!  Since the game is in its early stages, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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I'd say you doing it very well, devs, I'll waiting for more so much! As a character, Alan very interesting one, he's very charmful and has deep personality, it's very attractive. Give us more!

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After seeing some fanart of Alan, I thought I might give the game a try.

Alan is a nice guy, but you also realize relatively quickly that there's a little more to him. (I'd guess he has Yandere tendencies....Maybe???) I like his design, but he just hits my personal preference pretty accurately, that's why it didn't surprise me.

However, after reading a lot of other comments and somehow everyone being so enthusiastic, I wanted to leave a little criticism here and point out something that I think is absolutely obvious but doesn't seem to bother anyone.

What I just don't like are this many parallels to YourBoyfriend, Peter.
Not only his design....

- Alan is also (almost) the same height as Peter.
- They have the same zodiac sign.
- Both are very jealous. (Which the scene in the park implies).

- Neither likes to swim.
- And obviously both like to bite.
- sharp teeth (At this point,I was really waiting for him to have a long tongue XD").
- According to his wiki, Alan growls like a wolf? Well, Peter purrs and hisses. So they both have animalistic behavior.
- And, of course, both are pansexual.
- As well as ambidextrous!

- And the mention of Alan's high school skater phase reminded me a lot of Peter's goth phase.

That's already too many points to be considered a coincidence. That's why I had to compare Alan with Peter all the time and could hardly concentrate properly on following this story.

And I think that's a pity, because there's obviously a lot of love in your game. But because of this comparison I couldn't really acknowledge Alan as an independent character, but always only as a copy of Peter.

Probably most people will prefer Alan to Peter because he looks 'cuter' and is (perhaps) not quite such a pervert. Time will tell, of course, to what extent he really is that sweet guy.

I know the game is still in development and I'm sure there will be a lot more content, but ... *SPOILER

... That the two become intimate with each other so quickly, I find somehow too rushed. (certainly this is due to the chosen answers and you can also take it slowly, but I was curious if there really is an option >>for<< so early ^^)

I think that this scene had a lot of appeal to the fans, so that's probably just my personal feeling.

I really liked the backgrounds! (Hm, I often felt reminded of The Sims 4 when it comes to the decor though :))
And the music is also wonderfully chosen. It creates a very nice mood.

Nice were also the possibilities to choose the gender as well as the save function!

But as I said, Alan reminds me too much of Peter - with Ticci Toby's hairstyle ;)

That's why I probably won't continue playing here. But I wish you all the best in the development of this game!

I need an Android version plsss T~T

the game doesn't let me in

Maybe a patreon? Id love to share some of my fan art <3 i absolutely love this game.

This is a great game!! Does anyone know when another day will be added? Also when downloading the game, don't forget to extract all files in the folder so you can play from the newly extracted folder!!

the game doesn't work for me at all😭

Vc poderia fazer um servidor no discord para atualizqr agente melhor sobre o jogo


maybe make a discord server so then itll be easier to give us updates and tell us an estamate when something may or may not be done.


Can you make a discord server for the game, please? :D


I hope that in a future update a language like Spanish can be added, I would greatly appreciate it


Yo tambien es pero que por favor pongan el idioma Español

yo tambien quiero que por favor pongan el idioma español


I wonder what all the characters voices would sound like