suggestions? feedback?

ok! so first thing's first; I want to thank everyone for the amount of support of this game! Although the demo is quite short, I am currently working on the script for Day 1. In the next update, we will be sure to add pronouns options for the player!  Since the game is in its early stages, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Vc poderia fazer um servidor no discord para atualizqr agente melhor sobre o jogo

maybe make a discord server so then itll be easier to give us updates and tell us an estamate when something may or may not be done.


Can you make a discord server for the game, please? :D


I hope that in a future update a language like Spanish can be added, I would greatly appreciate it


Yo tambien es pero que por favor pongan el idioma Español


I wonder what all the characters voices would sound like